Visualizing PSYCHO*

In March 2013 I generated three short clips based on Hitchcock’s PSYCHO (1960): PSYCHOMEAN, PSYCHOMEDIAN and PSYCHOMODE (I labelled them PSYCHO*; have a closer look here). In a first step of this artistical research project I analyzed the mean, median and modal grey values of each frame of the famous shower sequence (5775 frames); in a second step I re-ordered all these frames in ascending order.


What I did today in the afternoon is much more unspectacular but gives surprising insight into the inner structure of the original montage as well the three different re-montages of the original image material. I put all frames together in one single image with help of ImageMontage, a plugin for ImageJ developed by Lev Manovich and his NY based team. As a result I got four visualizations that show each clip’s frames organized in a rectangular 2D grid. Great advantage of this kind of visualization is that you can catch the whole montage at a glance and grasp differences easily. See for yourself!





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